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Alexis Kallio



Alexis Anja Kallio is a doctoral student and research assistant at the MuTri doctoral school of Music Education, Jazz and Folk Music at the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki. Alexis completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology) from the University of New South Wales in 2003, and a Bachelor of Music (Music Education) Honours I from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2007. She has lived in Sydney Australia, Hong Kong China and Helsinki Finland and has worked as a secondary school music teacher, instrumental teacher and musician. Alexis' research interests include themes of ideological legitimacy, exclusion and censorship. Kallio’s peer-reviewed articles have been published in international scientific journals, and she has presented her work in numerous international conferences.


Heidi Westerlund

Heidi Westerlund


Heidi Westerlund is professor at the Sibelius Academy, Finland, and the Chair of the Doctoral School of Music Education, Jazz and Folk Music and CERADA research center of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Her research concentrates on philosophical and theoretical research, and studies on teacher education, higher music education, collaborative learning, multiculturalism, and democracy in music education. She has published widely in international and national journals, written numerous book chapters, and she also has served in the leadership of national and international organizations, such as the International Society for Philosophy of Music Education. She has served as review reader in several international journals, and she is the managing editor of the Finnish Journal of Music Education.

Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki
Faculty of Music Education, Jazz and Folk Music/MuTri
Doctoral School

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