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The University of the Arts Helsinki coordinates numerous international collaborative projects aiming at enhancing intercultural competences, cultural exchange and understandings of teaching and learning in global, diverse contexts, with a particular focus on post-conflict societies.

Whilst all of the nations involved in this project are culturally unique, all may be seen to be affected by globalization and are actively involved in the global community. These conditions create new opportunities for engaging with diversity and social change. The projects associated with the Multicultural Arts University each have specific interests that aim towards developing teacher education. The projects offer enrichment opportunities for teachers and students to engage in mutual and lifelong learning between communities and cultures, generate critical perspectives to the development of music education policy, and enhance Finland's research profile in higher music education - particularly through attending to post-conflict societies that have thus far been neglected by international research.

International partners are close collaborators in these projects, with some established through requests for assistance to the University of the Arts Helsinki. All photographs on this website are used with the permission of all participating organizations and individuals. For ethical reasons relating to issues of privacy and child protection we are unable to share photographs of the children involved in these projects. 

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